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In the automotive field as in others, the decisive factor in the success of a product is the product itself. And it must respond to a growing number of consumer expectations knowing that these have changed significantly with the digitization of society.

Our automotive embedded systems are more and more complex. They must ensure optimal operation of the vehicle, the requirements on which are constantly increasing: real time, security, energy saving, quantity of sensors, ... They must also offer an increasingly sophisticated navigation and infotainment system, offer more and more developed UIs, and include increasingly complex connectivity features.

Increasingly autonomous and connected, the car is facing many challenges and our team of software experts helps you to meet them.


Automotive embedded systems: expertise recognized by major players

kenny-luo-669374-unsplash-VerticalFullSizeWitekio has carried out a number of projects for automotive embedded systems for major players in the sector. These projects are for the most part confidential and as we know how to keep a secret, you won't be finding out!

Our international team of expert Embedded Software and IoT Engineers are able to offer you solutions that perfectly match key performance indicators.

We control all aspects of your automotive embedded systems :

  • The constraints related to infotainment systems: startup time, graphics, user interface (UI).
  • Those related to vehicle operating systems: choice of your OS (Android Automotive, Apple carplay, etc.), real-time issues, infotainment solutions integrating radio, GPS, TomTom navigation, ITunes connectivity, etc.

Our collaboration with Arrow, NXP and Schmidt Peterson Motorsports as part of the SAMcar  is an illustration of our ability to support complex projects in the automotive field with multiple players and daily technological challenges: global software architecture, real time, centralization of information sent via infrared cameras and different sensors to operate the various functions of the vehicle, braking, acceleration, change of trajectory.


With the automotive market constantly evolving, vehicles now constitute the largest group of connected devices in the world. Today's electronics allow vehicles to interact with the driver, the passengers, and the cloud.


Security of automotive embedded systems

For more than 15 years we have been designing embedded systems for cars but also for aeronautics,alexandre-debieve-561298-unsplash medical equipment and industry.

We entered the era of the IoT and connectivity several years ago now, along with all the issues that this generates in terms of securing systems.


We support our customers in their efforts to ensure their automotive embedded system is secure

Identification of attack surfaces by a system audit performed by our architectural experts security of the software system and its update: secure boot, data encryption, provisioning and root of trusts, software architecture integrating a hypervisor, containers.


Comprehensive software skills for your automotive embedded systems

We are committed to responding to connectivity, performance and security issues of automotive embedded systems alongside our customers.

Our engineers have developed strong integration skills, allowing us to integrate specific technological solutions for all applications.

Our skills panel allows us to bring global IoT solutions to all your automotive embedded system projects.

We also support you in the platforming of your software solution. It is often in fact beneficial to design a common platform for your automotive embedded systems, so that it is deployed on several vehicles, or even across a whole range.

Our skills and knowledge of the standards-related constraints in automotive embedded systems but also those in the medical and aeronautical sectors enables us to support you as you work to obtain your ISO26262 type certifications.

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Our culture, stemming from our long-standing activity in the development of BSP for all major electronic component manufacturers, has allowed us to build a strong network and relationships with key players in the field. electronic card design -  (NXP/freescale, Texas Instruments, Renesas, Intel, etc.) but also with software publishers, connectivity solution designers (Lora, Sigfox, etc.), cloud service providers (Azure, AWS, etc.)

This network of partners allows us to contemplate the most complex automotive embedded systems projects and to work for you as a global architect of your solution and as a project manager for its creation.

Here are the issues which we are asked about:

  • Optimizing Boot Time
  • Audio Multiplexing
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Qt development with OpenGL acceleration
  • Graphic optimization
  • Optimizing KPIs
  • Multi-display and multi-cam
  • Communication stacks
  • Application solutions
  • Etc.