Texas Instruments AM437x Reference BSP

The AM437x, based on the ARM®Cortex® A9 processor, was developed to combine a high performance architecture and power management. The Sitara AM437x family of processors is regarded as the ideal technology for all needs related to the development of industrial automation, portable navigation, home automation and bar code scanner applications, etc.

Witekio is working closely with Texas Instruments on the entire software related to the development of reference BSPs (Android Marshmallow & KitKat) and Windows Embedded Compact 7 on the AM437x platform. We offer you full and trial BSPs to speed up the time-to-market of your solution based on the Texas Instruments technology.

OS available

  • android

  • windows


BSP Version Price Download
AM437x_Android_SRC Android Marshmallow $5000
AM437x_Android_BIN Android Marshmallow Free
AM437x_Android_SRC Android KitKat $5000
AM437x_Android_EVM Android KitKat Free
AM437x_Androird_SK Android KitKat Free


New features in this 1.3 Release (December 2016) 

  • Upgraded to Android Marshmallow (6.0.1)
  • Upgraded to Linux Kernel 4.1

Improvments in 1.3.1 Release 

  • Improve graphical performances
  • Update Android marshmallow to 6.0.1_r74
  • Enable pre-optimization of libraries (system image partition is increased to 600MB)
  • Hide software navigation bar (use buttons instead)

Fixed issus in 1.3.1 Release 

  • Flashing script doesn’t work with sfdisk version > 2.25.0
  • Playing wav audio files doesn’t work
  • In V4L2Camera, mem_array are incorrectly unmapped
  • System property (hwui.render_dirty_regions) used to disable dirty regions invalidation is incorrect
  • Product type (dalvik.gc.type-precise) is obsolete
  • In libsensor, x and y axes are inverted

Software Components supported 

Features Status Comments
Android Marshmallow 6.0 release from Google Yes  
Android Linux Kernel 4.1 Yes  
Android GCC toolchain 4.9 Yes  
Bootloader (SPL and U-Boot) Yes  
SGX OpenGL ES Driver & Libraries DDK v1.10 Yes  
Built-in Applications and Demos   Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music, Search
Peripherals drivers Status Comments
µSD, UART, Ethernet Yes  
LCD display Yes  
Camera Yes  
WL1837 (WiFi) Yes  
Touchscreen Yes  
Power and Menu Hardware buttons Yes  
Audio In/Out Yes  
CTS testing Yes Better compliance to CTS testing
Documentation (Developer Guide & Release Note) Yes  


BSP Version Price Download
AM437x_WEC7_SRC WEC7 Contact our sales team
AM437x_WEC7_BIN WEC7 Free

Download Process

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