NXP i.MX 6 Reference BSP

The i.MX 6 platform can manage 1, 2, 3 or 4-core ARM Cortex-A9 processors, thereby offering five times the performance of previous generation i.MX platforms. Its high flexibility, which allows various software components to be added depending on the desired product, makes this platform the ideal solution for developing complex applications on embedded and mobile devices.

logo partenaire NXPWitekio is the official editor of the Android, Windows Embedded 7, Windows Embedded 2013 and QNX BSPs for the NXP i.MX 6 processor. Our mastery of the main operating systems enables us to be the ideal partner for all needs related to choosing a technology solution for your project based on an i.MX architecture.

OS available

  • windows


BSP Version Price Download
i.MX 6_SDB_WEC2013_SRC WEC2013 Contact our sales team
i.MX 6_SDB_WEC2013_IMG WEC2013 Free
i.MX 6_SDP_WEC2013_SRC WEC2013 Contact our sales team
i.MX 6_SDP_WEC2013_IMG WEC2013 Free
i.MX 6_SDB_WEC7_SRC WEC7 Contact our sales team
i.MX 6 SDP_WEC7_SRC WEC7 Contact our sales team


Features available for the Sabre SDB and SDP BSPs 
on Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Booting from SD Card
OS Download over ethernet
OS Download over USB RNDIS
NAND Flash Boot*
KITL debug via Ethernet
KITL debug via USB RNDIS
Serial debug port
Multiprocessing (SMP)
Improved Caching Implementation
I2C Library
SPI Library
IOMUX Library
SDMA Library
Advanced Power Management*
(with Temp Monitoring and DVFS support)
User Interface
Display with HDMI support
Display with LVDS support
Display with LCD support
Touchscreen (LVDS / LCD)
USB Multitouch
Multimon (Dual Display)* 
Multimedia and graphical accelerations
Audio (supports playback)
Video (supports playback)
GPU HW Acceleration with Updated Vivante driver
OpenGL / OpenVG support
USB Camera interface
Media Player Applications (Music, Video and Photo)
Internet Explorer browser
CSI Camera*
MIPI CSI2 Camera*
Serial UART
Gigabit Ethernet with NDIS6 Support
Wifi / Bluetooth support for Atheros Module
Wifi / Bluetooth support for Redpine Module
Modem Support for Cinterion Module
High speed USB Host
High speed USB OTG
Test and demo applications 
I2C test application
SPI test application
UART test application
USB Camera demo application
Validation, Documentation and Support
BSP validation using WEC BSP test kit
Technical documentation
Q&A support included in BSP license
Manufacturing tools for WEC* 

Download Process

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  • Binary Image: Evaluate either Linux, Android, Windows Embedded or QNX on your design with ready to use binary image. BSPs requiring a license fee are also available for 20 day free evaluation (under NDA)

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