Manage IoT Security with Azure Sphere expertise

9 billion MCU devices are deployed every year and a significant proportion are connected. Whenever connectivity is mentioned, decision makers are quick to relate to famous hacks, cyber-attacks, and the potential disastrous consequences for the company's image: communication attacks, software attacks, hardware attacks… IoT Security has become a major stake for all innovators.

IoT Security: The most significant barrier to IoT adoption.

IoT Security - Barriers to IoT adoption

As stated by Bain in its IoT customer survey in 2018, IoT Security is #1 concern for IoT innovators and it requires end-to-end solutions, from the edge to the Cloud.

In fact, as soon as a device is connected, there is a risk of being hacked. A north American casino made the headline back in 2017, when hackers used a smart thermometer, that was monitoring the water of an aquarium, to access and steal sensitive information. The detail of the stolen data was not shared but around 10Gb of data was traced as far away as Finland. 

With the growing number of smart and connected devices, IoT security breaches like this one are only going to increase and threaten more and more sensitive information. IoT Security by design is key to keep the ever-increasing number of attacks at bay.

At Witekio we believe that Microsoft Azure Sphere is one of the solutions to manage IoT Security with limited impact on time to market and development costs!

The development of new technologies to ensure a better IoT Security

Microsoft released Azure Sphere technology back in 2018. Since then, a number of IoT players, such as Avnet or NXP has joined the partners' ecosystem.

Azure Sphere is a Linux-based operating system created by Microsoft for Internet of Things applications with the aim to create highly secured, connected microcontroller unit (MCU) powered devices.

At the heart of the platform is a secured MCU, with standard ARM processing and real-time cores, along with Microsoft’s Pluton cores, which mix CPU and hardware root of trust.

IoT Security: A major concern for all software systems integrators

As a leading Software Integrator focused on Device integration in IoT scenarios, Witekio is deeply involved in the security implementation at the Edge.

We are proud to announce that Witekio is committed to be a leader on Azure Sphere technology and is already actively supporting its customers on the matter.

Back in June 2019, our engineering team attended one of the first “Azure Sphere Train the Trainer Bootcamp” in Germany and the team will keep working closely with Microsoft to stay up to date with the latest advancements. As a result, we are officially qualified to deliver bootcamp training to OEMs and device makers looking to implement the technology on their device.

IoT Security - Azure sphere train the trainer bootcamp

IoT Security - 2019 global azure bootcamp





In April 2019, we hosted the Global Azure Bootcamp in our headquarters in Lyon.

This free training and conference was organized by association, in order to present and explain Microsoft Azure Cloud solution to early adopters, and gathered 60 attendees. 

We are working in close collaboration with Avnet, the first distributor of Microsoft Azure Sphere, to jointly support our mutual customers with the integration of the technology, and to ensure the IoT security of their projects. To that end, Witekio was present at Azure Sphere Partner Meeting in Las Vegas to hear directly from Microsoft leaders about Azure Sphere products and strategy development, the methodology for reaching the enterprises in FY20 and the opportunities for hardware partners, solution builders and advanced system integrators like Witekio.

Witekio’s Microsoft Azure Sphere journey continues!

To learn more about Microsoft Azure Sphere technologies and IoT Security, don’t hesitate to contact us!