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Industrial IoT is the era of Industry 4.0, an interconnected, predictive, real-time industry.

The integration of embedded and interconnected software systems represents a major change in the industrial market. Applying this IoT trend to the industry is opening up huge opportunities and turning industry upside down. Industrial IoT software is the key to innovation.

Grasp all the Opportunities of the Industrial IoT Software


Build a Reliable, Efficient and Scalable Software Systemindustrial IoT software

In the Industrial IoT, notions of performance management, reliability and scalability are priorities. In the industrial and energy markets, software solutions are complex and change rapidly. The industrial IoT software opens up new opportunities like real-time, big data and predictive analytics, connectivity, etc.


From the design through to the creation of your industrial IoT software system

Witekio's global software expertise, acquired from 17 years of market experience as well as its network of partners, allows us to support Industrial IoT software project leaders from the very beginning of their project (UX design approach, system architecture consultation), to the development and integration of the different software layers, including support for technological choices, ensuring the system is secure, implementing the update system, etc. All this results in an IoT solution for your project.


Software experts to respond to the most demanding technical industrial IoTrequirements

The standards and criteria of the industrial and energy markets are very demanding for the various software layers. They require increased reliability, but also a strong consideration of security aspects, real-time, 24/7 operability.

And increasingly often they involve successful user interfaces allowing quick and accurate access to information. The Industrial IoT software is no exception to this rule. At Witekio we call it the "Serious IoT". Witekio's global expertise in everything related to software systems gives us a real edge in our response to these requirements across all software layers of the industrial IoT.


The production environment is strongly impacted by the emergence of the industrial IoT. Soon it will only integrate interconnected equipment that will communicate more with each other than with users, with a view to improving quality, production efficiency and predictability.


Discover our wide range of embedded software examples, industrial IoT projects we have developed for our various customers


Industrial IoT software project means interconnectivity, cloud, M2M and intelligence

Although sensors have been used for several decades as a means of procedural analysis and process improvement, the aggregation and acquisition of real-time data, storage and processing in the cloud are great opportunities for manufacturers to improve productivity, reduce costs, etc. It is at the heart of the challenges of the industrial IoT software systems.

The interconnectivity associated with machine learning algorithms or predictive maintenance opens up exceptional opportunities.

The concepts of connectivity, cloud and M2M, and integration of specific software bricks become fundamental elements of industrial innovation projects.

Our software experts have exceptional knowledge of all these aspects and will bring you a global software system vision that will enable you to set up the right industrial IoT software solution, by making the right choices and planning for the future.

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Methodologies for implementing all your industrial IoT software projects

Like any software project, an industrial IoT software project requires organization, methodologies and procedures but also, often, a certain degree of flexibility and agility.

Our teams are experienced in adapting their framework and methodologies to your requirements and your way of doing things. Their objective: to develop a product, to deliver a service, of high quality and on time.


agile software industrial IoT

Agile software development: 

We have adapted agile methods to our sector and developed our own methodologies so that you see your industrial IoT software project moving forward: work in sprint mode, focus on key features, deliveries and tests on a regular basis


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Software Factory

Our team of engineers helps you to establish the right tools and methodologies to ensure that your industrial IoT software system is sustainable and this is what we mean by Software factory : DevOps methodologies, software update infrastructure, testing procedures


project acceleration industrial IoT software

Project acceleration

We are able to help you accelerate the different stages of your industrial IoT software project: scalability of our teams, ability to establish priority roadmaps, management of component suppliers and software vendors.


Customer projects show our expertise in industrial IoT software

Industrial IoT software is at the heart of our expertise, our teams of expert engineers can work on specific points of your project, but also on its entirety, from the definition of your backlog through to the delivery of your software system.

  • Integrating industrial stacks (CAN, RS485, EtherCAT, Profibus, Interbus, etc…)
  • Optimizing software performance and for example boot time 
  • Development of customized embedded and mobile cross Platform business applications (native technologies in C/C++, Java, Qt and Microsoft.Net.)
  • Benchmarking, product testing and integration testing
  • Connectivity and interoperability between industrial equipment (back end, mobiles, etc.), M2M
  • Private cloud connectivity or cloud solutions
  • Low Level Development (BSP)
  • Etc.