Board support package Zynq-7000

The Xilinx Zynq-7000 platform is equipped with a dual-core ARM®Cortex®- A9 processor and a powerful programmable logic array. The architecture of this platform enables engineers to design and implement algorithms on a single processor, enabling them to develop less bulky and lower energy consuming solutions.

Witekio is the official partner of Xilinx for the development of BSPs for Board support package Zynq-7000 multiple operating systems on the Zynq-7000 reference platform. We cover the porting of Windows Embedded Compact, Android, Linux and QNX technologies for this platform. Witekio combines its mastery of Xilinx technologies and its expertise in the various operating systems to offer turnkey software solutions for the success of your embedded project.

OS available

  • windows

  • qnx


BSP Version Price Download
Zynq_WEC2013_BIN WEC2013 Free
Zynq_WEC2013_SRC WEC2013 Contact our sales team
Zynq_WEC7_BIN WEC7 Free
Zynq_WEC7_SRC WEC7 Contact our sales team


 The Windows Embedded Compact 2013 BSP for Zynq-7000 includes: 

Bootloader Supported Comments
Bootloader with FSBL support Yes Provides as binary
Output debug messages Yes UART1 is used for debug messages
Bootloader (SD) Yes Read/Write on SDCard FAT32
Bootloader (NAND) No No nand available
Bootloader (NOR) No No nor available
Bootloader (QSPI) Yes Read/Write on QSPI
Image Ethernet download Yes Download through GEMACO


OEM Adatpation Layer (OAL) Supported Comments
Timer Yes  
Watchdog Yes  
Cache L1 Yes  
Cache L2 Yes  
DDR3 Yes  
KITL over Ethernet Yes  
Interrupt Yes  
SMP Yes  
SRAM support Yes  
Power Management (WFI) Yes  
NEON support  Yes  
FPU support Yes  
Profiler Yes Only support on one core
Suspend Yes Buggy when a display is used
RTC Yes Hardware RTC support
Drivers Supported Comments
GPIO Yes  
Serial/UART Yes  
Ethernet Yes  
DMA Yes  
Nandflash No No nand available
QSPI DataFlash Yes  
USB Device Serial Yes ActiveSync support (only on WEC7)
USB Device Mass storage Yes  
USB Device RNDIS Yes  
USB Host HID Yes  
USB Host Mass Storage Yes  
USB Host RNDIS No No hardware available for perform test
USB Host Bluetooth HCI No  No hardware available for perform test
USB Host Printer No No hardware available for perform test
USB OTG hot switch No OTG Hot switch not supported
SDCarddox Yes SDHC memory support
OpenglES 1.1 Graphic Engine Yes  
Video Controller FMC board Yes FMC-HMI Rev B board support
Video Controller HDMI Yes  
SPI Master Yes  
I2C Master Yes  
XADC Yes  
Touchscreen Yes Touchscreen on FMC-HMI Rev B board
Audio Yes  
RAMDisk Yes Microsoft RAM Disk


BSP Version Price Download


Bootloader: Boots from the SD cardm, QSPI NOR and a TFTP server connected via ethernet.

  • MultiCore: SMP and BMP
  • pDebug: Only over ethernet
  • Serial
  • Ethernet
  • NOR Flash memory over QSPI
  • SD Card
  • CAN
  • GPIO
  • SPI
  • I2C
  • XADC
  • FPGA
  • OCM: Dynamic configuration
  • DMA
  • USB: Host

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