Helping you develop your new products

Every year, we guide a number of our clients as they bring their product dreams to fruition!

These days, innovation isn't just about offering a product with qualities and features; it also means offering a user experience.

Increasingly, software has a major role to play in innovation. It's essential to innovate in a context in which users' expectations are increasingly high, on a variety of criteria: quality and intuitiveness of the interface, customization, setup time, connectivity with other devices, etc.

For 17 years, we have been building skills, know-how, and methodologies to support leaders working on innovative projects. It's all to ensure that software can be a key factor in the success of their innovation.

Our Methodology: From UX Design to MVP

Are you working on an innovative item, but you're not quite sure where to start?

We believe that you can ensure the success of your innovation, before making a massive investment, by taking things step by step. This principle promotes learning and helps prevent flops.

Thanks to our multitude of experience, we are prepared to support you using a 4-step method.

  1. Design > definition
  2. POC > testing
  3. MVP > approval
  4. Go to market > launch

In the design phase, we firmly believe that the focus needs to be on the user, because in order to sell, your product must first and foremost meet a need!

Our Human-Centric Approach to UX allows us to help our clients make the right choices from the start so the IoT and embedded system will provide the right features.

Once those features have been defined, we apply the appropriate methodologies for the project – agility, kanban – to develop, incorporate, and test all the software layers, from hardware to the cloud.

Agility at Witekio

While agility is not always the ideal project management method in embedded software development, it is optimally applied when the project is meant to be device-centric.

Having spent years testing and adapting agile methods, Witekio's teams have adopted and adapted the Scrum method. It enables the project development team to truly watch the project progress and see the product evolve with each sprint, allowing them to adjust and prioritize tasks for the next sprint. Most importantly, thanks to its focus on user stories, it leads to a product that is truly designed for its users, no matter who they are.

IoT and embedded system development and integration

Years ago, we made the decision to integrate all the necessary software skills for our clients' projects.

Our areas of expertise range from hardware and low-level software to the cloud, including web and mobile application development, system security, cloud connectivity, and interoperability.

We developed our quality charter and our testing procedures to deliver you clean, well-documented, pre-tested code.

Our Commitment: Securing Technological Innovation

We want to contribute to sustainable, impactful innovation that is ahead of its time.

We want our clients' products to be successful, and we want technology to contribute to greater efficiency, ease of use, and enjoyment.

In an environment in which the client is overwhelmed with options, we need to think differently in order to succeed. That means we question everything, down to the smallest element of a project, to ensure that our efforts are focused on the key factors in the success of each innovative project, so we'll add value right where it's needed.