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Innovation and improvement in the field of IoT healthcare devices (embedded medical systems) to make it smart must be harmonious with the reliability, confidentiality and security of patients and data.

IoT healthcare devices, the IoT trend in this medical sector, opens up tremendous innovation opportunities for every embedded health system. Edge computing and artificial intelligence open up exciting prospects for the future.

IoT healthcare devices: our software expertise at your service


Witekio, software partner of companies in the IoT healthcare devices sector

With more than 15 years of experience in this market behind us, for major players in this sector, likeiot healthcare device Cerevast or Veriskin, and many others whose projects are confidential, Witekio is your partner for the software development of your embedded health system in compliance with the standards and norms of the medical market relating to Class I and II equipment. Add to that our experience in connectivity and our cloud expertise and you get everything you need for an expertly-managed IoT healthcare devices project and innovative medical equipment.

Our expertise in development, system architecture, software validation tests combined with our knowledge of hardware platforms make it possible to improve the compatibility, reliability and stability of your software system.


Proven technological bricks, cloud solutions and inter-connectivity, but also Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence, open a huge field of opportunity for the IoT healthcare devices industry. Innovations will revolutionize the industry as long as they meet the requirements of standards, data privacy and security.



Knowledge and expertise adapted to the IoT healthcare devices market

For the IoT healthcare devices sector, Witekio has developed skills in continuous integration and testing to provide optimal reliability in its software development. Special consideration is given to the security and privacy of systems and connectivity so that no risks are taken.

Our advanced skills in software application layers, and cloud and M2M connectivity, combined with our experience in integrating specific software bricks allow us to support you through all your IoT healthcare devices projects.


Edge Computing, deep learning, AI, our R&D at the service of your IoT healthcare devices projects

Our expert engineers are also at the forefront of technology with research and applications in Edge Computing as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Solutions for certified IoT healthcare devices

The main challenge for IoT healthcare devices is to be able to take advantage of the great opportunities iot healthcare devicethat connectivity and cloud technologies offer for innovation, without compromising on the safety (of patients) and security (of data ) aspects of your embedded medical systems.

The question then is how to develop your embedded health system in a high-quality approach compliant with the ISO13485 standard, while taking advantage of the opportunities linked to cloud connectivity?

For software development, the standard for the embedded medical system is IEC62304.

The most important factor when studying the feasibility of your project is to analyze the criticality of your system and once the required level of criticality has been identified, to consider different solutions to make your project feasible.

Our experienced architects of the embedded medical system assist you in identifying and developing these software solutions.

One of these may be to isolate the most critical software-level features of your system using a hypervisor.

Once this type of option is defined and selected, the Witekio team helps you to secure your embedded medical system, anticipating and securing your "over the air" update system (OTA), the choice of your cloud, but also to implement more complex solutions involving Edge Computing or artificial intelligence.


IoT healthcare devices projects and a number of references

IoT healthcare devices and intelligent medical systems hold no secrets for our experts. A large number of customers in the medical and health equipment sector have trusted us for many years now.

This experience, added to that we have in other sectors, enables us to meet your needs, both with regard to technical issues, such as optimizing boot time, and to the design of the overall architecture of your embedded medical system and the development of your medical iot devices.

Among other expertise and software knowledge, we are often approached about the following areas, within the scope of IoT healthcare devices projects:

  • Software optimization for the medical sector, meeting the technical prerequisites related to connectivity and power management scenarios.
  • Architecture and System Design: Real-time system based on real-time operating system (RTOS).
  • Development of embedded and mobile Cross Platform business applications (native technologies in C/C++, Java, Qt and Microsoft.Net.)
  • Software development and BSP complying with the standards of the medical market (vulnerability analysis, review of the development process, etc)
  • Full BSP and middleware validation test
  • Integration and optimization, Hardware/Software compatibility
  • Secure connectivity between devices
  • Security, Reliability, Compatibility and Data Protection