Maximizing Your Capacity for Innovation

With our years of experience and our whole-system approach, we are able to support clients over the long time at every stage of their industrialization, the rollout and management of their different product lines, the creation of innovation platforms, etc.

R&D Accelerator

The Witekio team of engineers can become a major asset, saving you time and increasing the efficiency of your R&D processes.

  • historic roots in low-level software, a vast array of competencies > a whole-system approach
  • 200+ projects annually > expertise and a broad view of technologies
  • substantial investment in R&D > monitoring of and familiarity with emerging technologies

Our experts can guide you in your selections, help you avoid mistakes, and use their experience to help you gain efficiency in your development processes.

With the support of Witekio engineers, LDLC accelerated its project and launched its connected keyboard, Nemeio, in January 2019. We can't tell you the hows and the whys, because many aspects of the project remain confidential.

Industrial IoT: Create your IoT software base for fully secure innovation.

Just as we did for Solvay, we can help you set up a software base for IoT innovation, making project acceleration a reality while complying with internal regulations, processes, and departments.

Our team of architects and developers supports you initially through a discovery/audit phase, allowing us to understand your needs and concerns from a software standpoint. Next, we define several use cases. We then test and define the software architecture that will make the platform welcoming and functional for every project. Finally, we develop, test, and document the platform so you'll be able to manage it moving forward.

If you, like Solvay, want to accelerate your internal innovation processes, contact us

Your Software Platform and Code Reuse

Are you an industrial business seeking to maintain or expand one or more product lines? You can optimize the cost and the time to market of your product launches by creating a common software platform!

As we did for our long-standing client Evoca, a worldwide leader in coffee machines, our teams of software architects and embedded systems developers will guide you in an analysis of your product line from a software standpoint, helping you choose the right technologies and determining what can be standardized and what needs to be customizable from one product to the next. They will help you define and develop your software platform to reuse your code in each new development.

Click here to learn more about the benefits and pitfalls of platformization.

Software Factory

Do you want to innovate while limiting risks associated with quality? How about the risk of regression?

The software factory is the key. The idea is to standardize as much as possible in order to avoid risks: standardizing and automating all activities from the pre-project phase to maintenance, by way of software optimization and architecture.

Establishing a software factory means organizing all your innovative projects around continuous integration, testing, and deployment.

With this methodology, projects can be standardized, using the same types of documentation and the same rules, making project oversight clearer and ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Our teams support you in the setup of your software factory by helping you create the documentation, design and adopt new processes such as Code Review, and adopt new tools (Jenkins, GitFlow, etc.)