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Improving or creating a technological product implies a software project and has many risks:

  • MARKET: Will my customers like my product?
  • TECHNOLOGICAL: how do I choose the right technologies for a lasting product?
  • PROJECT: how do I implement good project management that allows me to meet costs and deadlines?
  • TECHNICAL: how do I anticipate and minimize integration and development issues?

Witekio supports you in your innovation process by helping you identify these risks through an advisory approach, and then minimize them by assembling the right software skills, proven methodologies, and 15 years of experience in the development of embedded technology objects and IoT.

Reinforce your convictions before Go To Market:

We want to help develop lasting, impactful, and avant-garde innovations!

We want our customers' products to be a success. We want technology to help make things more effective, easy to use, and fun. In a world where supply far exceeds demand, you need to think outside the box to succeed.

To do this, we challenge every aspect of your project to help you ensure that you are building on solid foundations:Witekio helps mitigating software project risks

  • Design Thinking to clarify the concept,
  • UX Design to limit differences between what is required and what is developed,
  • Lean startup for flexibility in realization.

Risk-free technological choices

Technical expertise on specific solutions is no longer enough, we need to analyze software systems as a whole, create an overall design, and oversee the integration and development of connected project ecosystems.

  • Systems and ecosystems are increasingly complex and interconnected.
  • Technologies and user approaches are rapidly and drastically changing.
  • Time to market is increasingly shorter.

We spend 2 000 days/year investigating, testing, understanding, and tweaking the latest embedded and IoT technological innovations to keep ahead of the game.

We rely on these experiments and the expertise of our senior software engineers to integrate system software consulting before and during the project.



Challenge your project!

Features, software system architecture, technological choice, take our "IoT maturity scale" quizz and check where our software expert team may well prevent you from getting stuck.


Adapt software project management for your context 

The transparency and frequent provision of information on the progress of your project is, in our opinion, essential for success.

It is also important to offer, without dogma, the best methodology according to the type of project.

Witekio is experienced in Waterfall and Agile methodologies for software design and development. Depending on the level of uncertainty and the need for flexibility in your project, we adapt and propose the best options to make your project as efficient and effective as possible.

If you have a specific scope and specifications and no external factors are likely to change during development (feedback, test, change of stakeholder, etc.), the Waterfall approach could be the most suitable for your project.

If your software project's scope needs to be dynamic (innovative product, new design, proof of concept) or if there is a certain level of uncertainty, then we would recommend the agile method. Witekio has adapted the agile methodology, originally designed for web projects, to the requirements and challenges of the embedded world (wide range of technologies, hardware constraints, etc.).

Manage your software integration with real experts

Knowing how to take up the challenge of choosing between different technologies, developing and integrating them, and managing the various software layers (from hardware to the cloud) is the key success factor for connected/embedded projects.

Witekio goes beyond just assembling technologies, we adapt and optimize each layer of software according to your project's needs. We work on all your technical challenges: reducing boot time, optimizing memory footprint, redeveloping drivers, and solving critical integration problems. Our fifteen years of experience in specialized fields, such as medical, automotive, and industry, have forged our expertise and standards.

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