OTA Update, Discover FullMetalUpdate

IoT is key to innovation but, as it relies a lot on software, it embeds some risks that you will want to mitigate. OTA update is a key aspect of IoT devices life cycle whether they are complex or not. Device software updates are critical for any product that goes into the field or is in the hands of customers.

Some of the reasons for updating the devices software:

  • new features, new connectivity scenarios
  • fix new bugs
  • hacks always get smarter and you will need to adapt your system’s security to their latest versions and also to new ones.

Witekio R&D team created FullMetalUpdate to make this as easy as possible.

FullMetalUpdate, your open-source solution for OTA Update

You know device software update is key for IoT innovation, then the trouble Witekio FullMetalUpdate OTA updateis how to make it work.

It sounds utopist to think that you are going to develop your own software update solution and take all aspects into account. Unless you have a dedicated software engineering team, quite some time and quite some budget go into doing that.

But time to market is very often key for innovation success. So, in many cases, you will need to use an off the shelf solution if you can.

OTA update is key for IoT, there should be no lock-in

Existing options like swupdate before FullMetalUpdate can be good to some extent but you will face some issues that could soon become overwhelming.

First, quite a few solutions for device software update on the market are locked in. Once you’ve chosen one, you will have to carry on with it during your whole device’s life time unless you invest some considerable time and budget.

Plus, these solutions have some limits: not all of them allow differential updates. Some of them are not necessarily compatible with private software factory, some are limited and do not allow you to update your whole software system.

Then there is the pricing aspects and costs can increase over time rather rapidly!

FullMetalUpdate is a device software update solution that is open source and fully integrated

At Witekio, our expert software engineers decided Over The Air (OTA) update is too crucial for IoT to be left in the hands of the few and locked-in. They decided that some of our R&D investment would serve this objective and help create a device software update solution that anyone can use, for any purpose, freely. Just to help proliferate more IoT use cases.

FullMetalUpdate device software update Benefits 2


The first open source end to end OTA update solution for IoT systems

At the moment, FullMetalUpdate is the first open source solution for OTA update offering freedom, solution robustness and comprehensiveness. You just need to access FullMetalUpdate's Github and you can get everything you need.

How we did this? By leveraging the strengths of open source model and community to co-build the next standard and open solution for embedded and IoT OTA update.

If you want to know more about the genesis of the solution and its key technical aspects (Yocto and container-based, using OStree for deployment, Hawkbitfor the webapp, etc), read our blog article "A fully Integrated Device Software Update Solution".

FullMetalUpdate, one tool to update them all

Firmware update or software update? FullMetalupdate has been designed to allow you to update anything in your system, from your Linux kernel or file system to your applications.

Our R&D software engineers have designed it to be a fully integrated software update solution using differential update. This allows you to have less data transferred at a lower cost.

Device software update integrating existing opensource tools

After a benchmark phase, our engineers decided we would build FullMetalUpdate on robust foundations aggregating all the best technologies we could find but were scattered around : Docker, OStree, Hawkbit, etc.

So if you get on FullMetalUpdate’s github you can access it all.

And if you need specific services adapted to your device, like integration, container customization, advanced security, our engineers will be happy to take up the challenges with you. You just need to contact us.

FullMetalUpdate is open source, it is made for anyone who needs it and anyone can contribute to making it even better!

Discover our device software update solution here and share the news around!