Intelligence at the Edge powers IIoT solutions– Breakfast Seminar

IIoT is revolutionizing the industry by allowing rapid and reliable acquisition of large volume of industrial data. However, how to transform and empower industrial data into real business opportunities? Find answers to your question while enjoying a fresh and crusty croissant!

June 27th 2018 : meet our IIoT experts during a free breakfast Seminar in Paris. Come with software challenges, leave with IIoT solutions.


IIoT conferenceTellmeplus & Microsoft team up to host a panel whose subject is: “Intelligence at the Edge powers IIoT”. As a software partner, Witekio will also attend this panel and share its software experiences with Edge IoT technology.

During this free software breakfast, Witekio and its partners will firstly provide an in-depth introduction to the concept of Edge IoT : What stands behind this notion,  what are the main assets, stakes and challenges to deploy such a strategy within any industrial company.

During this software breakfast, Witekio and professional speakers will also present the latest IIoT technologies & innovations that enable industrial companies to reap benefits of Edge IIoT.

Edge IIoT is no longer an option for the success of industrial companies. It is now a mandatory step to cross! Join us now June 27 to find out why and how.


Witekio software engineers count some IIoT experts

The trend of Industrial IIoT impacts B2B markets and changes the way equipment is designed and integrated into its environment, that’s for sure. But you do not develop a Bluetooth key ring the same way as an industrial sensor made to monitor the temperature in a hot caustic reactor lost in the middle of nowhere that requires 99.9% availability.

Witekio international experts develop an integrate all the software layers of your IoT projects, from the hardware to the Cloud. Witekio engineers work on 300 projects per year for companies ranging from startups to market leaders. These embedded IoT projects include automotive IoT applications integration, industry 4.0 software projects and M2M communication and interoperability, to name a few.

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Have you heard about Serious IoT?

IIoT-Solutions-WitekioStruggling to find key steps to launch your IoT product? What to begin with and which steps to follow?  Do not seek further, Samir Bounab a Witekio IoT expert gives you the mandatory information you will need to successfully launch your connected solution.

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