March, April & May 2019 – Meet your IoT Software co-pilot

The rate of innovation in IoT is rapid, and a product design/development co-pilot like Witekio can help you stay ahead.

You have an IoT innovation idea in mind, but you struggle to find a concrete IoT software co-pilot to help you define the best architecture and technologies for your solution?


You want to launch a new solution, but you keep wondering:

  • Did I identify well my customers’ true motivation to use and buy my product?
  • Who are truly the final users of my solution?
  • What are my 3 main product scenarios that will guarantee consumer adoption of my solution?
  • How do I test my innovative product?

That’s the right timing to meet Witekio, your next IoT Software Co-Pilot during 2 dedicated IoT upcoming events in France.

Get the unique chance to benefit from personalized UX and System Design 15 min workshops handled by our IoT and UX experts.


What can you expect from these workshops?

Make the right software choices for the success of your project 

A true and detailed consulting approach allowing you to either discover or confirm the main key technical points of your solution, from the hardware choice up to the global architecture of your design.

  • Is it better to design a full custom embedded software solution based on a standard CPU or to start a project with a SOM? What are the advantages and drawbacks of these two options?
  • Does my solution require a Cloud Connectivity? So, which Cloud solution to go for?
  • What kind of OS should I use to perfectly and seamlessly launch any application from my device?
  • What is the most suitable technology to develop an application that can run both on iOS and Android?
  • Which connectivity technology to chose based on my product’s technical requirements? LoRa, Sigfox, Bluetooth Low Energy, RF?


Meet your market through dedicated UX consulting applied to product development 

atelier-uxDid you know that UX Design reduces the development of a project by an average of 50%? Before developing, investing time, resources and energy, you must think customer first! The advantages provided to the user by an effective and efficient product, always mandatory qualities, are no longer enough. The product must nowadays offer the customer benefits in terms of emotions, values and experiences.


  • How to define the real final users of your solution?
  • How to select and interview those final users?
  • How do I test my innovative product?
  • Do you know what stands behind ‘’Story Board’’, ‘’Story telling’’, ‘’Hope & Fear’’ ?



Come with software challenges, fly back home with tangible and useful knowledge shared by Witekio, your IoT Software Co-Pilot

Embedded Systems                       m2m-2018-visuel

MARCH 20-22 - PARIS- 



Our sessions

03/20/2019 -11:00 - 12:00
Edge Computing and decentralized AI

03/21/2019 - 14:00- 15:30
Deploy, supervise, maintain and update a large number of connected objects

SidO                        sido-2018-visuel

APRIL 10 & 11  - LYON- 
 STAND E101 



Our sessions

Smart City - Choosing and building Networks
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04/11 - 09:00- 09:45
New user experiences & adoption prospects and hurdles to overcome.
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04/11 - 16:15-17:00
Agile Methodology: Key success factor for innovative projects?  Nemeio, the first customizable keyboard, a concrete case study.

Animated by Witekio and LDLC
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Internet of things World                        iotwsclara

May 13 & 16  - Santa Clara,CA- STAND 743



Witekio, Software Co-Pilot for L'Oréal Beauty 2.0 solution!  

Witekio Thumbnail L'OréalDo you know what makeup, an Ipad and a cross platform application developed with Xamarin have in common? Discover how Witekio collaborated with L’Oréal, a customer we met during SidO 2016, on their latest Beauty 2.0 solution. This project is a true example of Witekio’s system consulting, UX design, software guidance and development success, 

You need an IoT software co-pilot? Let's set up a meeting there.