Meet Witekio at Sigfox Connect 2018 – Save the date

“Sigfox Connect 2018 is the place where technologies and business converge to create a smart connected world!”

Meet Witekio IoT experts at Sigfox Connect 2018:

October 24th to 25th in Berlin, Germany.

Sigfox Connect 2018 will offer lots of opportunities for you to speed-up the success of your next IoT project. Come with connectivity challenges, drive back home with IoT connectivity solutions. 

What to expect from this show?

  • Meet Samir Bounab, who will present Witekio, and its ability to support customers on their IoT software challenges, from the hardware to the Cloud.
  • Speak with Witekio’s Sigfox technology experts about real IoT project success cases.


Software is key for successful connected devices. Witekio's international team brings expertise into architecture, design, development and integration of all software layers from hardware to cloud.

Visit our booth and find out how to optimize your cloud and connectivity solutions thanks to our experts!


As a starter, discover Witekio’s latest IoT successes:

Masabi – Smart Ticketing Solution

Have you ever been late at work because of transport tickets issues?

Masabi, Smart TicketingYou know, when the printer takes a lifetime to finally give you the holy grail: your ticket. But then, when you want to validate it, the person before you lost his ticket, or doesn’t now how to use it properly, and finally, when it’s your turn to validate, but you can’t find YOUR ticket, and you start to regret waking up this morning?

Well, stop despairing, Masabi found THE solution: The Inspect Validation Suite, an innovative and reliable tool for barcode, smart card, cEMV and paper ticket validation used across all modes of public transportation.


Witekio provided Masabi dedicated embedded Linux software expertise, combined with Smart City experience, and also added further connectivity such as Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi and 4G. This original solution represents a real step forward for all of the public transportation users. 


L’Oréal – Lancôme, le teint particulier

Witekio app and cloud connectivity for personalized make-up

What do Lancôme, connectivity and Azure have in common?

Software technical experts who managed to connect a “simple” foundation formula with complex algorithms, controlling an IPad app, and sending the information to the Cloud.

 Witekio thus developed a complete cross-platform application, and provided Cloud Connectivity expertise, in order to control a makeup production machine, and to give each woman her personalized foundation (because we are worth it!).