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Witekio offers you the latest IoT news

IoT news is constantly evolving


Every day, IoT news becomes richer. New innovations are emerging, new start-ups are launching, new ways of doing things are appearing. Most of these new events have a non-negligible software part that allows more intelligence, more connectivity.

There is an abundance of IoT news. Our software experts help you decode it, make sense of things, analyze trends.

What’s new in IoT also encompasses a number of events at international level. Trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, the Witekio team has chosen to place itself close to its customers and their projects. We attend our partner events, whether it’s Microsoft Azure training days, hardware innovation meetings, NXP Connects or NXP Tech Days, annual meetings such as the Qt World Summit or Sigfox Connect.


Witekio is making IoT news


Witekio, as a software expert studio that supports your innovative projects from UX design through to the development of your software layers via the design of your system architecture, makes IoT news every single day, participating in events, exhibiting at IoT and connected object trade fairs, and creating its own events.


Edge computing conference

Witekio experts decode the present and future software trends in the world of IoT and embedded intelligence for you. They make IoT news by sharing these reflections with opinion leaders, making ideas proliferate with other experts. So you can find our Edge IoT conference  at which experts on this subject looked at the issues, the potential and the solutions provided by Edge Computing from various perspectives. The Edge computing round table that followed, bringing together Gaetan Feige from Cisco, xxxx from TellMePlus, xxx from Airbus and Nicolas Coudert from Microsoft, gives you a review and opens up new perspectives for your own IoT projects.


Embedded Systems and IoT Security Conference

Our teams are also making IoT news and have embarked on very current topics like the security of embedded systems and smart objects. Our global software system vision enables us to look at your entire software system and offer appropriate security, both at hardware level and with regard to OTA updates. We look at this issue at our “Security by design, an IoT must have” conference with contributions from technical leaders on the subject in order to look at the issue from several angles: Microsoft, Gemalto, Lacroix Electronics.


Trade shows and IoT partner events:

Witekio’s software experts are also making IoT news as they present our services at leading trade shows like SiDo in Lyon, Embedded Systems in Paris, IoT world in Santa Clara. They take part in a large number of innovative events organized by our partners. You can find them at major events like the Qt World Summit in Boston, Microsoft Experiences in Paris, but also the Minalogic day and events organized by French Tech.


The IoT innovations of our customers

Lastly, and especially for us Witekians, making IoT news is about helping to create our customers’ innovative products. Every year, our teams of developer engineers, systems architects, scrum masters, project managers, UX designers and cloud experts work on more than 300 innovative projects for multiple customers. This variety, coupled with years of experience, ensures our teams become genuine partners. Our engineers are now able to work on IoT projects from the simplest to the most complex, for industry, the medical and automotive sectors, etc. We can offer you advice and expertise on all software, from the pure embedded part, through to mobile and cloud connectivity. Discover examples of the embedded systems that we develop for our customers, and contact us  to tell us about your projects.


Our technical news on our IoT blog 


Whether presentations, webinars, or conferences, every day Witekio’s IoT news becomes enriched with a new page. Our more technical IoT news is communicated on our technical IoT blog. This is aimed at development engineers, technical and R&D directors, product managers and marketing managers.

It covers specific software technical points or methodologies that will allow you to be more effective in your IoT innovation projects. It will give you an insight into how famous hacks like Spectre work, how Qt facilitates the development of a user interface compatible with complex languages why is it interesting to think about UX design before starting your IoT project, etc.