Want to build a successful smart vending machine?

Innovate with a successful smart vending machine, your software system is key!

IoT, connectivity, cloud, are transforming User experience every day and create opportunities for many industrial businesses. Smart vending machines are a chance to transform your market, propose new added-value to your customers.

To turn these opportunities into real business you will need to design a smart vending machine that will fit customer needs and multiple users expectations. Your development project will need a software co-pilot able to help mitigating technological and project risks . And you will have to anticipate a stable and scalable software architecture allowing platforming and cost optimization.

Witekio, your software co-pilot for your smart product range

Witekio has a strong experience in designing and developing software systems in the smart vending machines field. Our expert engineers can help you successfully develop your next product range. As system software experts, we master all aspects of complex industrial software projects including smart vending machines. In addition, we have had the opportunity to develop specific knowledge and expertise in the vending machine field. We understand your challenges, your market, your users.

Optimize costs: one software architecture that allows platforming

Smart vending machine development is easier said than done. You probably want to build a hardware and software platform that you can re-use across multiple machines with different User interface and even different purposes. Platforming is an obvious way to gain time and optimize your development costs.

Our expert engineering team can help you anticipate what is generic and what is not, and continuously update this model throughout the life of the LOB development.

Smart vending machine means connectivity for remote monitoring and updates

Connectivity is opening a land of opportunities for smart vending machines: remote monitoring, remote setup (payment method, recipes, etc), remote updates of your firmware or your graphic layout.

At Witekio we master all connectivity media – JSM, Wi-Fi, etc, as well as different protocols. Our software engineers can handle both Machine-to-Machine and Cloud connectivity. Their global software system vision also helps anticipating security aspects of your software architecture (secure boot, containers, etc.)

Software development taking your industry standards and regulations into account

Your market has its own standards, regulations, practices. Relying on partners who developed knowledge on these allows a quick ramp-up on your project, anticipation on these aspects and therefore optimized project efficiency.

Smart vending machine development comes with a set of standard protocols that we have learnt and experienced (MDB, EXE, EVA-DTS) through our previous experiences on vending machines. Our engineers are also accustomed with the smart vending machine sector practices, like statistics, and will develop the specific modules you need.

At Witekio, we know that smart vending machines have to be compliant with norms and regulations (machine clean-up for hygiene, mandatory access to nutritional facts, etc). We can anticipate and handle their consequences on your software architecture, developments and UI design.

Integrate different payment solutions (cashless, credit card, change giver, etc) is key for smart vending machines

Payment is a significant chunk of smart vending machines use cases. It often involves different solutions and their associated specificities and challenges. You will need to anticipate the different scenarios.

Cashless (online/offline), change giver, credit card, we master all the different payment solutions, their implementation and their challenges. Our engineers are familiar with complex smart vending machines user scenarios like contactless payment badges that are rechargeable with credit card. They can help identify use cases and find the right solution for your smart vending machine software system.

Multiple user experiences, make sure you meet your market

smart coffee vending machineYour smart vending machine is a complex scenario with multiple users locally on the machine or remote. They all have their specific needs and user experience expectations.

Our user centric approach allows to consider the multiplicity of users and anticipate and propose each of them a consistent user experience.

  • Locally on the machine
    • Final user who is using the product
    • Technician in charge of installing and configuring the product
    • Technician in charge of maintaining the product
    • Person in charge of collecting the money
  • Remotely if the machine is connected
    • The vendor of the machine
    • The owner of the machine

From high level user needs to technical requirement, make the right choices

Each user of your smart vending machine has different needs and requirements. This leads to multiple desired user-experiences. The question is then how to make the right technological choices and mitigate risks while in the end proposing each user a valuable experience with your device. Our methodologies integrating UX design, Agility, global system vision, allow us to assist our customers in translating these customer desired experiences into technical requirements and specifications.

smart vending machine software at witekio

At Witekio, we are system software experts. We do software, only software, all software. Our mission is to co-pilot innovative project on the software side. We are fully committed to your success.

We accompany our customers from UX design and system architecture, to software development and integration, for a successful innovative project.

Smart vending machines are in the range of what we can do. We also have experience on automotive, medical, industrie, handheld, etc

At Witekio, you will find:

  • 17 years experience in software systems for embedded and IoT devices
  • A full software skillset from the hardware to the cloud
  • 300 projects per year for all kinds of customers from start-ups to major groups
  • Proven successful software project methodologies including agility
  • 100 expert software system architects and developers in Europe and in the US