Ready-to-use IoT and Embedded Software bricks

Save time and free up your resources by using Witekio IoT and embedded software components.

Our teams understand your software issues and share their experience and expertise, offering you ready-to-use embedded and IoT software that can be customized as needed and that meet the client needs we've encountered repeatedly over our 17 years in business.

Use Witekio's board support packages to accelerate your embedded software projects

Our more than 15 years' experience working with the major designers and manufacturers of PCBs has allowed us to build solid partnerships and become leaders in the development of gold-standard board support packages on their platforms.

With the explosion in operating systems on the market (Linux, Android, Windows, QNX, etc.) and the emergence of increasingly powerful platforms, Witekio's teams are constantly working to develop and support new board support packages and to adapt them for our many clients in fields as diverse as the automotive, medical equipment, and manufacturing industries.

Proven expertise in adapting and customizing the Linux Board Support Package

With over 17 years' experience in the design and development of embedded software systems, Witekio has gained global recognition for its development and customization of Yocto BSP/Buildroot Linux BSPs. We support our clients in the design and development of their software system, from the low level to the app level.

Save time on your project by using Witekio's board support packages

With our STANDARD BSP service, you can obtain the source code for the board support package you need in just a few clicks. If your project is more complex and requires an adaptation, our expert engineers are there to guide you, with board support packages from our CUSTOM BSP service.

FullMetalUpdate: The First Fully-Integrated Solution for OTA Updates

At Witekio, "open source" isn't just a hollow slogan.

We have been a member of the Linux Foundation for years, conducting open source projects such as FullMetalUpdate, our integrated OTA update solution.

Check out our GitHub:

Our expert Linux engineers also share their know-how through Linux trainings as well as in blog posts and at conventions in Europe and the United States.

The Origins of FullMetalUpdate

It all started with an observation made by our embedded software engineers: Updates are crucial to connected devices. They need to be easy and robust.

Up until then, however, no comprehensive, open source system existed.

Our R&D team got to work with the goal of offering:

  • a comprehensive solution
  • that doesn't "brick" or put the product into "unknown" status
  • that is secure, efficient, and economical (and, therefore, container-based)
  • that can work with any cloud service provider

The benefits of FullMetalUpdate:

  • economy
  • transparency
  • freedom
  • scalability

Learn more about FullMetalUpdate 

Automation Lab: Our Solution for Your Automated Testing

At Witekio, we try to make our clients' lives easier by offering IoT and embedded software tools that our engineers have invested time in, making them ready to use. "Automation Lab" is our turnkey solution for implementing automated testing procedures and continuous testing.

Automation Lab allows our clients to make ongoing checks, throughout the development process, to ensure that their product's functions remain in good shape and to identify any problems as they arise. This way, the "testing hurdle," which often comes up at the end of a development cycle and can add delays prior to the launch of an innovative product, can be simplified or even, in some cases, eliminated.

Our "Automation Lab" works with any hardware and software.

Once it is installed, it allows you to carry out non-regression testing, functionality tests, audit tests, performance analyses, etc.