Our Intel board support package offer

Intel has established itself over the decades as the world's largest microprocessor manufacturer. Intel is a leader in the semiconductor, processor and graphic card markets.

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Witekio is Intel's Affiliate Member and as such is the official distributor of the Intel board support package for Windows CE 5, Windows CE 6, WEC 7 and WEC 2013 for the Intel Atom series. Our offer of intel board support packages also includes Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 BSPs for Baytrail and Hashwell processors.

Witekio is also a member of Intel's "IoT Solutions Alliance". As such our team of expert engineers in the development of board support packages and low-level software layers offers you the reference Intel board support package for Android KitKat for the Braswell and IoTG Platforms.

There's no need to present the company in detail since Intel is the undisputed world leader in the manufacture of microprocessors with its technologies serving as a base for many of the millions of computers in circulation around the world. Witekio has a long-standing relationship with experts in Intel board support packages.


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