Software development and integration

Our story began more than 17 years ago, with a small team of BSP developers. These days, we support our clients' projects by developing all the software layers for their systems and by optimizing and transforming existing software systems.

Software Optimization and Changes to Your System

Are you facing a technical challenge with your existing smart device and looking for IoT experts?

Do you want to add a feature that you hadn't initially planned for?

Our IoT and embedded software engineers have what it takes to offer quick, effective solutions for your most complex software challenges.

Low level:

The Witekio story is firmly rooted in low-level software layers. Our expertise has garnered international recognition and we have a command of all aspects of software closest to the PCB. Our historic partnerships with the biggest names in PCB design, including NXP, Texas Instruments, and Renesas, among others, have given us an in-depth understanding of this equipment and the low-level software best suited to it.

Middleware and apps:

Our software expertise is broad, however, encompassing middleware and apps as well. For 17 years, we have been working on all types of client projects. Our engineers bring all that experience to you, allowing you to save time on modification projects for your existing software, whether you need to add drivers or connectivity or to change the graphics framework.

We work on more than 200 software projects every year.

Our expert engineers handle the following types of assignments for our clients on a regular basis:

  1. technical investigation
  2. code optimization, debugging, design/architecture review
  3. boot time optimization
  4. energy consumption optimization
  5. migration from one OS to another
  6. graphics framework migration
  7. connectivity improvement
  8. continuous integration

IoT and Embedded Software Development and Integration

From electronic hardware to the cloud, our software experts develop  all the software layers for your IoT and embedded items, with high-quality code for each layer: low level, middleware, UI, web and mobile apps, and cloud connectivity.

Quality Code

Our quality charter and testing methods guarantee you a long-lasting solution.

Code review, software factory... We have established the right tools and processes to deliver robust, well-documented, reproducible code. The code we develop for you is not just tested at the end, but throughout the production process, and we use continuous integration methods.

Security and Updating

Our experts don't just carry out tasks. They bring a whole-system approach to every project, which allows them to foresee two closely related, critical issues for your system:


During the life of your product, you may identify a security vulnerability or want to change a feature or update an application. You'll need an update that is both effective and secure. Our experts guide you in diagnosing your system's needs in terms of scalability, infrastructure, security, and uptime, then recommend solutions for you.


The key is to identify your systems' attack surfaces, evaluate risks, and seek the most suitable solutions for your product, based on its use and your means.