Software experts to solve your challenges

Is your system too slow? Have you detected a recurring bug, but haven't managed to fix it? Is your system becoming obsolete and you have to give up on the WEC 6?

Our software experts can solve all the IoT and embedded software challengesproblems that take up too much of your team's time.

Witekio has over 17 years' experience in embedded software and IoT. Our expert engineers have developed world-class skills. They can immerse themselves in the depths of your embedded software system to solve even the toughest challenges. Whether or not you have a latest-generation operating system, and whether you have chosen Linux, Android, or Windows, you can call on them and save your own team's time and energy.

Finding your bugs and debugging:

Have you found a recurring bug in your system? Are you unable to find the source of the error? Does no one on your team have the time to pinpoint the problem?

Our embedded software experts go through your code with a fine-toothed comb to locate errors, correct them, test the changes to the code, and produce a report.

Each year, our team solves all kinds of issues for many of our clients, ranging from unintended USB disconnection, to support issues involving new components, to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity bugs, to audio renderer errors.

Our IoT and embedded software experts work with all operating systems, whether your system is on Linux or Android or is microcontroller-based with FreeRTOS.

Migrating from one system to another (OS migration)

Our team is very familiar with all versions of every OS. We have deep roots in low-level software and BSP design for the biggest names in PCB design and manufacturing. Many of them, including TI, NXP, and STMicroelectronics, are our long-standing partners.

Each year, we handle many OS migrations for our clients whose systems run on an OS version that is no longer supported, such as WEC 6. We are fully aware of the challenges involved in migration and of the issues that must not be neglected. We often use that knowledge to suggest optimizations that improve product performance and your system's security.

Adapting your system to meet your needs

Do you need a specific driver or special connectivity? Our team of developers will guide you in developing high-quality, clean, well-documented code that will allow you to adapt your system to your needs.

Our collaborations with Masabi and Datalogic are great examples (among many others – but of course, we can't discuss them all, as most of the projects we work on are subject to confidentiality).

For Masabi, a worldwide leader in ticketing solutions, the main concern was adapting the Linux Yocto BSP to the selected equipment, check the performance, and then working with Java libraries to extend connectivity to BLE, Wi-Fi, and 4G.

In the case of Datalogic, a leader in data capture solutions, one of our projects consisted of reworking the Android BSP to make it compatible with Datalogic's business applications, then handling the porting of Android Kitkat and the hardware integration with Linux.

In these and many other cases, thanks to our whole-system approach, our software experts also identified ways to improve product performance (boot time, electricity consumption) and implemented those optimizations.

Optimize your system's performance

Optimization of your system's boot time and energy consumption: Our embedded software experts know all the ins and outs of your OS and will be able to improve your system's performance – sometimes appreciably.

For our project for Soloprotect, a British company focusing on lone worker safety, we not only improved the Linux kernel and connectivity issues, but we also studied the optimization of energy consumption. The improvements made by our engineers led to a 12-fold improvement in battery life! That is especially significant for this type of product.