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Your smart object already exists but are you facing a technical challenge and need IoT experts? Are you looking to add a feature you did not originally plan? The Witekio team and its IoT expert engineers, developers, architects, UX designers, support you through all your complex software challenges.


Are you having a problem with boot time? Is your system energy intensive and you are looking to optimize its power consumption? Do you want to add a driver to an existing complex system?

your IoT expert for all your complex software challenges

Our iot and embedded expert engineers can provide you with fast and efficient solutions for your most complex software challenges. Witekio's story is deeply rooted in low-level software layers. Our expertise is globally recognized and we have a command of all the software aspects closest to the electronic card. Our long-standing partnerships with the most important players in electronic card design, NXP, Texas Instruments, Renesas, and many others, mean that we have a deep knowledge of this hardware and the low software layers to pair with them. We are also designers of reference Board support packages for some of these including Texas Instruments.

For our customers, we regularly undertake boot time optimization tasks for example.

Do you want to connect an existing device to bring added-value to your customers?


Innovation does not necessarily mean inventing from scratch, sometimes it's simply a case of adding intelligence to an existing product. But this is no small undertaking. UX designers, system architects, embedded, web, mobile developers, scrum masters, all our teams of IoT experts support you for a successful and controlled project that comes together with its users. Our "Connect Me" workshop is a good way to start; in just a few days, Witekio's IoT experts will support you to:

  • Define your connected scenario
  • Analyze connectivity capability of your system
  • Identify possible software architectures 
  • Connect me


Have you encountered a software problem during your industrialization phase? Are you wondering how to keep your system up-to-date?


Software factory, en route to industrialization.

When you innovate, the life cycle of your product requires phases of industrialization that can be complex when all the elements have not been anticipated. With regard to the software, platform and software factory element, Witekio's expert engineers analyze your situation, help you to project, propose solutions and assist you in their implementation. Our Software factory workshop allows you to structure this approach and take the first steps:

  • Evaluate your existing procedures and tools
  • Define tools and methodologies to strengthen your software system solution,
  • Propose a short-term action plan with a project estimate to help you make decisions
  • Planning with short-term actions
  • Software Factory 


Do you want to remotely update and reduce the amount of data to transfer? Do you have questions about potential security risks?

IoT EXPERTS - Software problem solverSOFTWARE UPDATE, our IoT expert workshop for updating your system

Anticipating and setting up a software update system for your embedded system or smart object has become indispensable today. No code is perfect. Each time a fault is identified on your system, you will need an update that is both high-performance and secure. This is the requirement that our IoT expert can respond to with the Software update workshop:

  • A diagnosis of your system’s requirements in terms of scalability, infrastructure, security, and uptime
  • A recommendation of solutions
  • Software update


Is securing your system at a reasonable cost one of your challenges?


A connected system is necessarily a system with flaws. Witekio, an IoT expert for more than 15 years is able to assist you in the identification of your attack surfaces, risk assessment and search for solutions adapted to your innovative object, its use and the resources you have available.

During our Security Workshop, you will identify with our IoT expert and system architect, the security vulnerabilities of your system, and the solutions at your disposal, from the simplest to the most complex, from low software layers to the OTA update and your choice of cloud service provider.

  • Our experts list their recommendations, in order of priority, depending on the sensitivity/criticality of your activity
  • At the end of the workshop, a short-term action plan is established to improve the security of your embedded system or IoT object
  •  Security Workshop 

To learn more about the software expertise of our engineers, read our blog.