A stable and scalable product

A stable and scalable product

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B2C and B2B user requirements for a technology object are extreme, with limits constantly pushed back by ever more ergonomic, powerful, easy to use, and responsive smartphones that are updated every month!

This implies that software architecture has to be optimized. Your software layers must be designed, worked, and tested to ensure that they are stable, scalable, and efficient.

stable and scalable product needs optimized software architecture

In the face of current security, data collection, scalability, stability, and consumerization issues, among others, it is not reasonable to base your success on low-cost code.

Witekio believes that:

  • software is at the heart of devices used in all fields (e.g. a car contains twice as many lines of codes than Facebook or Office!) and this will increasingly be the case.
  • the invisible part of the code supports the entire system (device, HMI, data, etc.) and is essential for the system's operation, security, and perception.
  • creativity and the ability to challenge existing elements are key ingredients in defining the best systems.

Bluetooth pairing stability, mobile application fluidity, Real-Time system response time, device compatibility, battery life, boot time, scalability, and load holding: software quality makes the difference in these areas at a time when hardware is accessible to all.

For each question you ask yourself about industrialization, we can provide an expert answer:

How can I ensure that my product remains usable, relevant, and scalable for the next ten years?

This means giving it the ability to update itself, integrate future features, and fix bugs and/or security flaws.

We are currently developing software update solutions (Firmware, OS, App) to remotely update devices in production while ensuring an optimal level of security through secure-boot solutions, asymmetric authentication, and security-by-design.

How can I ensure a short boot time for optimal user experience?

Reducing system boot time from 20 seconds to 2 seconds, we have done this for many customers. This is pure craftsmanship requiring the optimization of each software layer: process prioritization, driver deletion, UI simplification, reorganization of boot stages, etc. This drastic improves boot time without needing to change the hardware. Analyzing usage also allows us to delay the boot of some features and thus gain in ‘perceived’ boot time in addition to system optimization.

Can I reduce my hardware's unit cost?

Our teams know how to optimize a code to reduce its hardware footprint: RAM memory, CPU usage, flash memory, and GPU. This allows us, especially in the industrialization phase, to significantly reduce the BOM (Bill of Material) or develop existing hardware solutions thereby reducing development costs for you.

How can I ensure an autonomy of several months/years for an IoT or embedded battery-powered system?

Optimizing algorithms, SW/HW link to control key functions (auxiliary CPU, Idle mode, frequency drop), choice of communication stacks, security and encryption methods, UI, are all ways to use less power.

Our teams thoroughly analyze the existing software system, or offer a complete design and software architecture, and then develop the most optimized and effective code for maximum autonomy.

Can I use my software on a wide range of products and on a high-volume?

We propose to set up a software factory to platform your software solution:

Optimized software architecture work and 80/20 definition (80% common 20% specific to each product), general branch development, product-specific releases, continuous integration, production and immediate roll-back, versioning in production and pre-production management, and implementation of container solutions. Our range of expertise extending from the functional project management to system software architecture and technical expertise allows us to manage this platform in a 360° approach.

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IoTmaturitystage_CaptureResultPageIf you are stuck with your IoT project and wonder how to get unstuck, answer our quizz here.

Through a bunch of quick questions related to your device's target market, your vision of your system's design and your technological choices, it will help you point out the areas you need to dive into to make sure your smart innovation project is all under control.

And for sure Witekio software gurus team can help you make sure you are taking the right choices.