Embedded Android training

Low level embedded systems (OS, firmware, etc.)

Train your team on embedded systems!


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Objectives of our embedded android training


Bring a practical understanding of: 

  • Development environment setup
  • Drivers and kernel development
  • Image building

Prerequisites of embedded android training 

  • Knowledge of embedded systems
  • Experience with C programming
  • Familiarity with Unix concepts and its command line interface

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3 day Core Training Content: Android Fundamentals


day-1DAY 1 | Embedded software training : COMPILING AND BOOTING ANDROID


Introduction to Android

  • History & Actors Involved - Lab 1 | Program a target board environment 
  • Details about the Android Structure 

Android Source code and compilation - Lab 2 | Setup

  • Use of repo, git to access sources
  • Tools to compile Android

Linux Kernel

  • Role and architecture of the Linux Kernel - Lab 3 | Compiling and booting an Android Kernel
  • Kernel User Interface
  • Patches
  • Getting the sources

day-2DAY 2 | Embedded software training : PORTING ANDROID TO A NEW BOARD


Changes introduced in the Android Kernel

  • Major functional changes introduced by Google - Lab 4 | Supporting a new board
  • Additions to the Kernel
  • Device drivers changes

Android Bootloaders

  • What is a bootloader
  • Fastboot

day-3DAY 3 |Embedded software training : DEVICE DEPLOYMENT WITH ANDROID


Developing and debugging with ADB

  • Presentation of ADB - Lab 5 | Use of ADB
  • Available commands
  • Tweak ADB for a custom board

Android filesystem layout

  • Software components organization on the System
  • Structure of the initrc file

Android Build System

  • Concept introduced in the build system - Lab 6 | System customization
  • Available commands
  • Architectures of the Makefiles
  • Variables and function available
  • Compiling steps - Lab 7 | Add a native binary to the build
  • Add a new device to build system

Android Native Layer

  • Deamons handling the radio, external, storage launching applications... - Lab 8 | Add a native binary to the build
  • Knowledge of the different components involved in the Android runtime
  • Hardware abstraction layer (HAL)

Android Framework and Applications

  • Services Overview and Available application in 
    a standard Android Build - Lab 9 | Develop Java interface to the native library
  • Structure of a service / Content provider
  • Access to native library from a Java App using

Android Application Development

  • Application Lifecycle + various application
    components - Lab 10 | Write an app with SDK
  • How to access services
  • How to use, access and manage resources
  • APK Packages

Advice and resources

  • Community Access, documentation, resources,


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