UX and software architecture

Are you responsible for the success of an innovative project at your company?

Whether you're dealing with a mass-market product or industrial machinery, you want it to be smart, interactive, and able to communicate with other devices and upload data to the cloud – maybe even to learn and adjust its actions over time.

IoT, embedded, artificial intelligence... Your software choices will be critical to the success of your innovation.

Witekio's teams of engineers guide you in defining and designing your software architecture so your product meets your customers' expectations, as well as your own.

Our mission is to support you in making your innovation a success.

The 3 Pillars of Our Approach

A/ Human Centric Design: integrating UX for a product that meets its users' expectations

  1. Understand

This first phase consists in comprehending every facet of your project, through meetings and interviews, in order to define the product vision and share the product strategy.

Two deliverables are associated with this phase: the Product Vision Board and the Stakeholders Map.

  1. Explore

This exploratory phase includes a mixture of interviews, observations, and workshops. This helps us understand user flow and define key expectations and needs.

It results in documentation that will serve as a basis for all the steps that follow: user profiles, persona descriptions, and user flow descriptions.

  1. Adapt/Adjust

The purpose of this step is to define product use scenarios and the key features that correspond to each scenario, leading to the definition of your MVP. It's during this phase that technical feasibility is evaluated and the product roadmap is defined.

  1. Prototype

Once the MVP has been defined, the prototyping phase can get underway. The goal here is to validate the concept with the least possible investment. This phase consists in proposing models and a functional framework, then testing them with potential users in order to validate the UX specifications.

  1. Design and software architecture

This final step results in the software architecture of your system, a precise list of specifications for the user interface, and an estimate of the number of development sprints.

B/ Tech Consulting: Helping You Choose the Right Technologies for Your Project

Our embedded software and IoT experts are unbiased. We are familiar with the different technologies available for every software layer in your system. We've tried them out and evaluated them. And we are committed to advising you on the most suitable tech for your product, your needs, and your users' purposes.

Key trends are materializing, in particular the possibility that there could be more and more complex systems in increasingly restricted environments, and the emergence of the IoT edge and Edge AI. However, not everyone necessarily needs to implement predictive maintenance solutions or deep learning models. We believe strongly in the importance of keeping things simple. Beauty lies in simplicity.

With our whole-system approach, risk anticipation, and time and budget constraints in mind, our team organizes workshops to gain a deeper understanding of your project and help you select the right technologies, building the most relevant software architecture.

C/ Auditing and software architecture of your system to ensure stability, scalability, and security

Our experts see the big picture. Once the technology has been selected, the design of your software system needs to meet a variety of challenges. First, its architecture needs to guarantee stability at a given moment, but we also need to plan for your system's scalability!

If your product is launched successfully, the system will need to pass the test at various stages in its production. The software system has to be designed and planned to allow you to go from 100 products to 1,000, then to 10,000 or even 100,000, without any significant issues.

You can't know today what your needs will be tomorrow. That's why it's essential to build a software platform that is easy to maintain and to change.

Finally, as recent news has made all too clear, security is a vital concern. Our engineers identify your system's attack surface and flaws, if any, and offer solutions in line with your means, your tools, and your ambitions. These can include implementing TrustZone or secure boot, securing the OTA update process, etc.