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Witekio is a Software System Integrator, a software technical expert with a system approach, dedicated to assisting manufacturers in meeting the software challenges of the embedded system and connected object markets. As a software integration system specialist, Witekio masters the development and integration of all software layers, from hardware to the Cloud.

Our Values and Expertise

Witekio has been a software service provider for embedded and IoT devices for 15 years.

We help industrial product owners develop their innovative projects with a global software system vision to ensure time to market, product reliability and scalability.

Earth is not the center of the universe, software is

We take developing smart devices very seriously. Even the simplest products can contain thousands of lines of code.

We believe that software is the key to our customers’ success. Doing things right makes the difference: reliability, sustainability, scalability and a great user experience.

Our history and experience make us unique. We bring a global software system vision. We bring added-value to all levels, from deep down hardware functionalities to upper software layers, UI, UX, and connectivity.

Our Passion 

Everything we do for our customers we do with passion and dedication.

Our global engineering team includes hundreds of people, who are experts in electronics, embedded software, application, User experience, project design and management.

What drives us all? We are passionate about innovation and technology, and we love making things work.

Software experts at your service

Our expertise covers 6 areas

We think software should be considered as a whole. If you want your device to work, the different software layers have to be interconnected, compatible and secure. Our global software system vision is what makes our customers' smart devices successful. 

Witekio System Design Witekio Integration Witekio security Witekio Migration Witekio Optimization Witekio Connectivity
Architecture, design and develop the device's software Adapt and integrate software for ad hoc needs Secure all software layers  Manage and control migration  Improve performance, speed, and stability Connect anything to anything, using a wide range of technologies

A unique approach

We are usage-oriented: we believe that the best product with the best software is nothing if it fits no need. Therefore, we often start by challenging your project with Design thinking, UX design, and Lean startup.

We adapt our methodology to your project: our 15 years of experience in software design and development allows us to propose the best option for your project, be it Waterfall or Agile, depending on your project’s level of uncertainty.

Code is our identitywe make no compromises with our code and develop our own quality processes to make sure that what we deliver works and will work over time.

We are close to you

Witekio’s team is agile, scalable and close to you

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