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Witekio's roots are closely linked to Window embedded and the development of Windows bsp. We have been working with this technology for over 15 years and Witekio has long been recognized worldwide, under its former name of Adeneo Embedded, as one of the few worldwide experts for windows bsp.

Today, this long history allows us to support our companies with existing systems on versions that are no longer supported and to offer them expert solutions: migration of Windows embedded 6  to WEC 7, migrating a windows embedded system to Linux.


Long-standing expert of Windows BSP

artificial-intelligence-circuit-board-computing-50711Having developed strong and long-standing partnerships with major component manufacturers, such as NXP, Texas Instruments, Intel, Microchip and Xilinx, Witekio is a globally recognized player in the development of Windows bsp for Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013.

This in-depth knowledge of Windows Embedded technology has enabled us to become the official publisher of Windows Embedded Compact 7 and Windows Embedded Compact 2013 software solutions for the Texas Instruments Sitara processor and NXP i.MX processor families.

In addition to windows bsp software development, Witekio also offers maintenance services, dedicated support and firmware and software integration for its customers.


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Support from your windows bsp to your entire windows embedded development

Windows Embedded standard

Windows Embedded Standard 7 offers, in an extremely customizable and modular form, the main features microsoftof the Windows 7 operating system. With our knowledge of Windows technology coupled with the great versatility of this technology, Witekio supports its customers throughout the development phase of a connected device.

In addition to our windows bsp offer, Witekio also offers training sessions, allowing its customers to understand the features of the Windows Embedded Standard technology, and gain practical experience on the implementation of system and application functions provided by this technology.


Windows Embedded Handheld

Windows Embedded Handheld is an operating system optimized for use on rugged handheld devices.

Our teams of expert engineers develops windows bsp and support our customers in all the middleware, user interface and performance optimization part of the development, in order to offer reliable, operational solutions adapted to the needs of designers and users.


Windows Embedded Automotive

Windows Embedded Automotive has been specifically designed for the development of integrated automotive navigation systems. It provides a standardized solution for implementing multimedia communications, information and navigation functions.

The starting point for developing a BSP compatible with Windows Embedded Automotive is a Windows BSP. Witekio, with more than 15 years of experience in windows embedded systems behind it, supports you throughout your in-car infotainment equipment development project.



Witekio develops windows bsp and provides support to its customers, companies of all sizes, from the multinational to the start-up, for all their innovation projects including software, of which windows embedded is one of many.

Our engineering team has more than 100 engineers (embedded development engineers, web and app engineers, software architects, UX-UI designers, etc.) across the world, in Europe and in the United States. They bring cutting-edge software technologies to your projects, but also a global system vision, for optimized architectures. At Witekio we also offer project methodologies adapted to your objectives and which allow you to see the concrete progress of your project period after period.

We are able to assist you with advanced software issues, be they low-level (optimizing boot time, optimizing consumption, customizing windows BSP) or concerning your system as a whole; update, security, software factory, UX design.

We are customer-oriented and always here to listen to you and adapt to meet the needs of your innovative project.