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Witekio, embedded systems and IoT expert

Innovation today starts with software. From hardware to the cloud, our expert software team will help you design, develop and integrate a powerful software system tailored to your needs.

Specializing in software for the embedded system and IoT objects, we are the co-pilots of your innovation projects

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Embedded system software and IoT experts for successful smart and connected object projects.

For more than 15 years, Witekio engineers have been dedicated to embedded system software development and the success of our customers. We are of the firm belief that today innovation is nothing without software. The Witekio adventure began in 2001. The company first became known as Adeneo Embedded, a pioneer of complex embedded system software and an internationally-renowned expert. The change of name to Witekio in 2016 reflects the positioning the company has developed over time as an embedded system and IoT software expert with a global system approach. We imagine, design, develop and integrate your software systems for any type of application, whether industrial, automotive, medical … We provide our customers with a global software vision, without any technological bias, from the selected hardware (OS, drivers, firmware), through to the high-level software layers (application, connectivity, cloud). This global software approach is coupled with a resolutely user-friendly vision. We are convinced that the most important success factor of any project for an object integrating embedded system software is its usage. Our UX design experts are always available to study your project and offer workshops for examining your users’ expectations and ensuring that your software project will enable you to respond to these. In addition, our experience across many markets and our 200 projects each year enable us to analyze your needs and to cross these with identified best practices as well as the essential elements of your market (standards, data security, etc.). This global and contextualized approach to your embedded system and IoT allows us to offer you the right technology choices and the optimal software architecture to ensure the performance and security of your project. We bring our added value to your embedded software system architecture and the design, development and security of all the software layers in your smart and connected object. Thanks to a significant R&D investment we are at the cutting-edge to always offer the best solutions for your update systems and for the security of your embedded system, etc. Our project methodologies including embedded and connected system software are proven and we adapt them to your projects. Whether V-Model or Agile, we want to give you the choice that brings success. First and foremost, Witekio is a passionate and flexible team of more than 100 engineers, developers, architects, consultants and tech experts who are always ready to play a full part in your embedded system software projects, as genuine partners. Witekio’s engineering offices are located in Europe (Lyon – France, Paris – France, Bristol – UK, Frankfurt – Germany) and in the United States (Seattle – WA). Our objective: to build close and lasting relationships with our customers to bring them the best service. We are :
  • Professionals*: we have worked for the most demanding industries from day one
  • Makers*: we challenge, design, develop, integrate
  • Addicts*: our passions are technology and innovation
  • Centrics*: our customers come first and we are here to do everything we can for them
*Professionals, Makers, Addicts, Centrics