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Are you looking for a software company expert in embedded software services and IoT?

If you are looking for an IoT company, expert in embedded software services, to assist you in the design, development and integration of the software system of your innovative project, Witekio is the partner for you. Drawing on our origins as an IoT company in low-level BSP development, we have developed unique software expertise that enables us to support you in your IoT and embedded projects with a global software system vision. Our mission: to support you in the development of successful innovation.

Witekio, the key success factor for successful innovative devices and cloud connected projects.

Our approach is unique, from UX design to embedded software development and Cloud connectivity.

To fulfill our brief we are convinced that the starting point is often the approach of UX design which allows you to ensure that you have identified the uses to which your product will have to respond and consequently the features that will be essential for building your success. To do this we can offer workshops even before the project begins.

Our scope is the software, nothing but the software, all the software.

Our international team has around 100 engineers. System architects, tech leads, embedded, web and mobile developer engineers and testers and they will be able to develop your software system with a high quality requirement. Witekio, iot company is ISO 9001 certified for its global quality approach.

Our working methods adapt to yours.

Our main goal is always the success of your project. Like many iot companies developing software, we often integrate agility because it has the major advantage of allowing you to see the concrete progress of your innovative project at regular intervals and enabling you to adjust the development as and when it is necessary.

We are always at the cutting edge

Our engineer teams take part in Witekio’s Research and Development. This mobilizes more than 7% of our annual turnover. They explore the technologies of tomorrow, Edge IoT, deep learning, blockchain, for a strong understanding of the issues and the complexity. They also work on more contemporary topics to be able to offer you tools, solutions to your software problems, Over The Air updates, security of your system, continuous integration, etc. They are experts in all embedded software services.

An IoT company encompasses numerous innovative projects, find out more about them, our customers and our examples of embedded systems 

Our clients are diverse and their projects are just as varied. We work on complete software development projects but also on complex and sophisticated software issues, for large international groups, but also for industrial SMEs and start-ups. Over the past 15 years, we have gained solid experience in many markets, be they automotive, medical equipment or connected objects and industrial IoT. We share this experience with our customers and often find parallels between different market practices.