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At Witekio, our history is rooted in the development of BSP and low-level software layers and we have developed real expertise in android BSPs. Android is emerging as one of the leading technologies in embedded computing and connected objects.

More and more equipment manufacturers and industrialists who want to offer their customers smart and connected objects choose this constantly-evolving OS for their products.

Android BSP, our skills to ensure you adapt to constantly-changing technology

Witekio shares its key skills to develop innovative embedded solutions using Android and Android BSP. android bspOur expertise combines the optimization of the Linux kernel with the integration of the Android operating system to get the best possible performance for your solution.

From Android version 1.6 (Donut) to the most current version on the market (Marshmallow, Nougat), Witekio provides you with support for any system architecture and application development-related problems in your embedded solution.

Our objective: to provide you with support for the software part of your project so that your innovation achieves the success it deserves.



Renowned Android BSP expertise

We offer leading BSPs for Android on the platforms of some of our partners, such as Texas Instruments. Our android BSP board support packages  for TI AM335x, TI AM437x, TI AM57x are self-service on the BSP page of our website. In just a few clicks you can download the source code, the documentation and the release note.BSP Android

Android has been developed as a software platform to build strong connectivity (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and also allows engineers to easily develop apps and use existing libraries (java, etc.). Witekio's expertise in system integration will help you make the most of these opportunities.

We also organize training on the low level development part, android BSP and driver, as well as the embedded app development part.

And our expert Android engineers can offer you a personalized service on your BSPs: maintenance, dedicated support, firmware integration, etc.

Here are a few examples of our engineers' expertise in Android:

  • Low-level Development, Android BSP Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, drivers
  • Porting Android technology
  • System optimization (fastboot, boot time, operating system memory imprint, graphic improvement…)
  • Customized business app development (GUI design, connectivity, system performance)
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Training
  • Benchmarking and testing
  • Etc.

Beyond the low level of your system, and the development of android BSP, Android is also a great tool for developing embedded apps and our engineers are experts in the development and optimization of these.



Android BSP in solutions for connected mobile apps

Witekio shares its key skills to develop innovative embedded solutions using Android and Android BSP. Conçu par FreepikOur teams combine in-depth knowledge of different versions of Android and good practices related to the development of mobile apps, to provide tailored mobile solutions based on the technical prerequisites defined. Witekio supports its customers throughout the value chain of the development of a mobile app including parts, research and development, industrialization of the solution, definition of the Proof of Concept and integration into an IoT system.

We organize training for the Android mobile app development part.

Beyond the design of android BSP, here are some examples of points of expertise concerning the application part of Android :

  • Native development
  • Expert knowledge of the latest Android SDK both from an application and middleware perspective
  • Interfacing with custom equipment
  • Integration in IoT system


For over 15 years, first as Adeneo Embedded, then today as Witekio, our teams have been developing much more than just android BSPs for each new version. The task that we have given ourselves is to help you launch innovative products that are successful, meet their market and grow your business.

Software is what we do. Code, the invisible part of an innovative project, runs through our veins. We have high expectations of ourselves and of you too, to ensure we offer, develop and integrate innovative, efficient and long term software solutions.

We are unbiased about the choice of software technologies, we help you choose the ones that fit your project and help you meet your goals.