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At Witekio we cultivate sharing. This iot blog is the proof. Our engineers, project managers and leaders share their views, their experiences, their expertise. Here you will find articles, series of articles and tutorials, along with visit and conference reports.

The topics covered in this IoT and embedded blog are freely chosen by the Witekians themselves.
They might deal with complex and specialized technical topics (MemTotal, GCC weak symbols), system issues (authentication, security), decrypt technologies and technical software trends (LoRaWan, Qt, containers, blockchain, software factory), hacks (Spectre), but also address methodological topics such as agile development or approaches to innovation, UX design, design thinking. Some articles in our IoT blog are also dedicated to specific market applications like the car dashboard, a patient tracking tool in the medical world, etc.


This IoT blog is also a discussion tool.

When you have read one of our IoT blog articles, you can easily identify other articles on similar topics by referring to the keywords at the top of the page. We have also created a space at the bottom of the article for your reactions. Leave us your comments, questions and thoughts and we will enjoy communicating with you about the subjects that we explore.

Finally, if you identify a topic that you would like to see looked at by our engineers please get in touch using the comment areas and we’re sure to find a passionate Witekian who can answer all your questions. This is the purpose of our IoT and embedded software blog.