NXP i.MX7 Reference BSP

The NXP i.MX 7 series which includes an ARM® Cortex®-A7 core and an ARM Cortex-M4 core, represents a highly integrated multi-market applications processor, enabling secure and portable applications for Internet of Things scenarios. The i.MX 7 platform comes with available Linux and Android software packages and is well suited for a wide range of applications such Internet of Things devices, wearables, industrial products and home automation.

logo partenaire NXPAs NXP Premier Partner, Witekio develops, distributes, maintains and support Android and Windows Embedded BSPs for the NXP I.MX applications processor familly. 

Being the official editor of the Windows Embedded BSP for the NXP i.MX 7 platform, allows Witekio to leverage its software expertise on the top of the market NXP processors.

The i.MX 7 design offers an asynchronous, dual architecture based on Cortex®-A7 and Cortex®-M4 CPU cores and represents a suitable solution for a multitude of low-power scenarios. The overall improvement in power efficiency stems from an updated 28nm process focused on making low-power chips while still allowing development of high-performance applications with up to 1GHz frequencies.

OS available

  • windows


BSP Version Price Download
i.MX7_WEC7_SRC WEC7 Contact our sales team
i.MX7_WEC7_BIN WEC7 Free


February 2017 : Release V1.0 

Initial Release for i.MX 7 SABRE

Standard NXP i.MX 7 SABRE Board Supported Feature

  • SD Boot
  • Debug UART Serial
  • SMP
  • Display
  • Touch
  • Display Backlight
  • Audio
  • I2C (not tested in release)
  • SPI
  • RTC
  • ADC
  • SDIO driver (does not include the WiFi driver) (not tested in release)
  • Power Management
    • Suspend/Resume
  • USB Host
  • USB Function
  • SD Card filesystem


BSP Available drivers (not tested, for reference only)

  • Camera
  • Battery Driver
  • SIM (WEC7 Microsoft Smart Card API only)
  • IMX7_Tests (SIM Test Driver)

BSP Available features (not supported on standard i.MX 7 SABRE Board)

  • NAND Flash
  • NAND Boot
  • Keypad Driver
  • Keypad Backlight Driver


The power management feature support Suspend, Resume and SNVS OFF mode. Power consumption measurement has been performed on the i.MX7 SABRE Rev D with the LCD and Debug UART connected.

  • The measurements report the following consumption.
    • On : 2360mW (520mA ) Average
    • User Idle : 2050mW (450mA) Average
    • System Idle : 1700mW ( 375mA ) Average
    • Suspend : 1455 mW (320mA) Average

Download Process

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  • Binary Image: Evaluate either Linux, Android, Windows Embedded or QNX on your design with ready to use binary image. BSPs requiring a license fee are also available for 20 day free evaluation (under NDA)

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