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Witekio is a Software System Integrator and a software technical expert with a system approach, dedicated to assisting manufacturers in meeting the software challenges of the embedded system and connected object markets. As a software integration system specialist, Witekio masters the development and integration of all software layers, from hardware to the Cloud.

An IOT company with strong values, renowned software expertise

For more than 15 years as an IoT company, Witekio has been bringing its embedded software and IoT expertise to manufacturers who want to innovate by adding intelligence and connectivity to their products.

Our global software vision allows us to offer stable products that can be upgraded, to ensure that every smart object responds to a defined usage and to comply with the time to market.

The earth is not at the center of the universe, but the IoT and software are.

As an IoT company, we are convinced that a well-thought out software system is the key to our customers' success, that of your product performance: reliability, durability, scalability and a memorable user experience.

Developing smart objects is a serious business. Any innovative product today has to be smart and connected. By definition, it is full of software.

Our history and more than 15 years experience as an IoT and embedded systems company make us unique. Our vision and global IoT software expertise allows us to bring you added value at all levels, from low software layers, through to the application part, the interface and the user experience and connectivity.

Experts passionate about IoT and embedded solutions

Everything we do for our customers we do with passion, conviction and commitment and that is what it is to be an expert IoT software company.

Our engineering team is made up of 100 experts in electronics, embedded software, applications and user experience, design and project management.

What motivates us? We are passionate about innovation, technology and we love inventing things that work.

We also want these products to find their audience, so at the heart of our IoT company we put a UX design center of expertise. Our dedicated consulting engineers are ready to assist you to ensure that you have integrated your user and that your project will meet their expectations.

Expert IoT and software company at your service

Our IoT company is made up a team of highly qualified engineers focusing on our 6 pillars of software expertise

In a smart or connected object or IoT project, we believe that the software must be considered as a whole and as far upstream as possible. To ensure the performance of your product, its different software layers must be interconnected, compatible, and secure.

Our 6 areas of IoT expertise give you a global software system vision and ensure the success of your IoT and embedded projects in consideration of every aspect.

Witekio System Design iotWitekio Integration iotWitekio security iotWitekio Migration iotWitekio Optimization iotWitekio Connectivity iot
Designing the software architecture, defining and developing all the software layers of a smart objectAdapting and integrating all the software adapted to your requirementsSecuring all the software layers in a systemIdentifying and supporting all migration issuesIncreasing performance, better stability, greater responsivenessConnecting any objects together using a wide range of technologies

An IoT company with a unique approach

Presenting yourself as an IoT company when your core business is software development, means staking a claim to a philosophy, a way of doing things and supporting you in your smart object and IoT projects. This unique approach is based on 3 premises:

Usage before anything else: we are convinced that the best product with the best software is nothing if it does not meet any requirements. We start by helping you ask the right questions about your project to make sure that usage is at its very heart: Design thinking, UX design, and Lean startup.

Our methodology depends on your project: 15 years of experience in embedded software design and development have shown us that there is no perfect methodology. The choice depends on the degree of the unknown in your project. Whether it's the waterfall or agile method, we use the best option depending on your context.

Code is in our veins: we do not compromise with the code we produce and have developed our own quality charter to ensure that what we deliver to you works and will continue to work.

An IoT company close to you

The Witekio software expert team is agile, scalable and close to you : 

IoT company FranceIoT company GermanyIoT company USIoT company ParisIoT company UK

The IoT company must be resolutely focused on its customers. To get to know you better, understand you, and be of benefit to your IoT projects, we made a decision to open offices in France, Lyon and near Paris, in Antony, England, in Bristol, in the heart of Silicon Gorge, in Friedberg near Frankfurt, capital of technology and capital, and in Seattle, home of Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft.

These offices are not mere commercial representations, but real engineering offices with full teams of project managers, developer engineers and system architects to assist you in the success of your smart and connected object projects. The choice of these locations also allows us to be at the heart of regions whose energy, investments and industrial fabric are preparing them for the connected world of tomorrow.

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